Re-change announcement of our official Facebook page.

Dear viewers!

Recently, we had sent a request to change our Facebook page’s name to “Qur’an Hadith and Ummah” from “That’s Why I Love ISLAM” and Facebook approved our request to change. We had changed the name because we wanted to merge our new Facebook page with the old page. Because page merging requires same name, same topic and same about or purpose to be merged.
Now we have finally merged our old page with new page. And now we request again to Facebook to Re-change our Facebook page’s name to “That’s Why I Love ISLAM” from “Qur’an Hadith and Ummah“.
We repeat, we are not changing page’s about, topic or purposes. Everything will be same. Just we are changing the name to our old name. 
That’s all… Thanks for reading. 

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